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Inoue Serious

babyghia in dandelion_icons

First icon batch

These are mostly old icons that I have done or have used in the past that I don't use any more. Enjoy!


7 Bleach
4 Tsubasa Chronicles
3 Yamane Ayano (1 Viewfinder, 1 Crimson Spell, and 1 Double Face)
1 Trigun
1 Cardcaptor Sakura
1 Prince of Tennis
1 Fruits Basket
1 Death Note
1 Tactics
1 Hellsing Ultimate
1 Samurai Champloo

1 2 3 4
5 6 7

Tsubasa Chronicles
8 9 10 11

Yamane Ayano
12 13 14

15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22

Credit is not necessary but greatly appreciated. Comment if you take though.
Credit: dandelion_icons or babyghia
Textless icons aren't bases.
No hotlinking

Thanks! :D


i love the popcicle one so very much. :D
Took #4 because it made me laugh so incredibly hard. XD My little brother makes that EXACT face, he'll love this. I may be back for 19, I love L. Thanks for sharing these!
LOL! Glad you liked #4 that much! :D
cute X)
taking 6 and 19 =)
i'm not taking any but these icons are awesome. haha. watch tezuka's hair go *whoosh*

by the way, butterflies and hurricanes is SUCH a PoT song. i have a PoT video with that song and everything fits perfectly. just thought i'd share :)
Oooh, pretty! Taking 1 and 2; you can never have enough Renji love. Thanks so much for sharing!

Also, I don't mean to be nosy, but what is this Yamane Ayano? Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Manga? Game?
Yamane Ayano is an artist who draws yaoi. I really love her work.

Glad you like the Renji icons! :D
#4 made me giggle like crazy. Snagging that and #8 because Makona's are so cute. ^_^
4 & 16 are coming home with me!
OMG #4 is cracking me up XD

Snagging with credit!
I got #2 ^_^
OMG.. number 4 pwns me.. Ichigo and Renji with the same crazy grin kills me :DDD When will he be introduced in the anime!?!?! GAWD I don't want to wait anymore

and then Tezuka.. yummm.. taking a couple to have my wicked way withuse for my icon pleasure :D
The scene where number 4 comes from is hilarious. Renji is introduced in episode 15 though. First you have to meet Kon, Ishida and then Renji and Byakuya. No worries. There is tons of fanservice coming. You just have to be patient. :P
Eeee! ♥♥♥♥♥

Taking one through four. :D I especially like the ones of Renji with his hair down ♥♥ Thanks for sharing these.

will credit :D
Snagging 1-4, 6, and 18. Will credit when used. Lovely.
took number two of renji b/c DAMN is that man hot!
I agree. Along with Alucard as well. ;)
omg HARUKA! *heart x 100*
Thank You stole some XD
Hi! I'm taking a couple of Bleach icons, all three Yamane Ayano and Tezuka and Haruka icons. I will credit you when I use them. Thanks!